Bangladesh’s Minister Hasanul Haq Inu Hits Back BJP President Amit Shah About His Foul Mouth

n a reply to Hindu extremist BJP president Amit Sahas comments, describing Bangladeshis as ‘termites’ , Bangladesh’s Information Minister and Veteran freedom fighter Hasanul Haq Inu  said

“We in Dhaka do not give any importance to his statement “
He also said Amit Saha is not qualified to speak about Bangladesh.

Mr Saha who was addressing an election rally in  Rajasthan’s said Bangladeshi are “termites“. The way The president of Indias Ruling party Insulted Bangladesh is beyond any norms. The Foul Mouth Amit Saha many times repeated that 40 lack Bengali Muslim living in Assam is Bangladeshi Migrants without any prove and realistic definition .

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