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River Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a nation closely linked with its river system and its geography & culture is influenced by the riverine delta system .Bangladesh lies in the Biggest river delta of the world – The Ganges Delta system. This is the valley stretching from the Himalayas to the sea the only region in the entire world.After flowing from its Himalayan source waters and through Bhutan, China, and India, the mighty Brahmaputra, Ganges and all her sisters empty into the Bay of Bengal.

Angry Comey Attacking Trump

The United States bombastic president Donald Trump fired the head of FBI James Comey in may 2017, what was a bit insulting to the head of Federal Bureau of Investigation. Now, James Comey’s angry and he is saying something that may create some problem in trump’s presidency. James Comey Once deputy vice president of Lockheed Martin the biggest military contractor of US army and former director of FBI is now attacking trump in every possible way. Read More

Myanmar’s Publicity Stunt Of Rohingya Repatriating Bdnewsnet Exclusive

As on April 14, 2018, Myanmar government claimed that they started the repetition of Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh by taking a five-member family from the no man’s land of Bangladesh Mayanamar Border. It seems like a publicity stunt and no positive willingness to take back 7000000 Rohingya Muslim living miserably in Bangladesh refugee camp. Read More